Logo Design

Logo designer in India selection is an essential matter when discussing a company brand. In many times, this will be the first look a client is going to have in your enterprise, it will be your signature and your visual reference.

A quality logo designer in India will significantly impact the development of any business. It will increase the recognition of you, as well as building your reputation. Your clients will trust any of the new products you launch with your mark.

For web development, we know the process of communicating through brands as logo designing. The use of logotypes is often used to attract new clients and giving a visual insight to corporations.

Logo designer in india is a demanded profession nowadays, especially in businesses like digital marketing, sales websites (such as Amazon) and rising businessmen.

works process

step by step make incridible

Requirement briefing
When beginning our custom logo designing process, we start by making a requirement briefing on our clients, this helps us forging a route towards a final product that never leaves a client unsatisfied.
Brainstorming/ Analyzing
Our complex brainstorming process shapes the mold for the final product to be released. Keeping constant communication with the client is a critical matter that we use to include the company essence, history, and competition.
Conceptualizing & Structuring
Now we have the basic concept made, it is time to structuring your perfect logotype designing. We use the stylistic golden ratio concept to make all our brand designs the most as aesthetic as they can.
Client Review
In the meantime, we keep in touch constantly with the client for checking progress and creating a safe and respectful working environment. Plus, you will have the last word before launching the final product.
Why Us
  • Design out of world
    • Because we implement the unique concept “out of the world” that increases the success rate of your custom logo designing in terms of brand recognition.
  • Delivering Satisfaction
    • Not good enough? The design did not come out the way you expected? We do not stop until our client´s satisfaction is achieved.
  • Golden Ration Logos
    • By using the golden ratio philosophy, our logotypes are perfect in composition, with this concept each of our clients has increased their sales.
  • Timely Delivery
    • In NjGraphica, we are very self-demanding, we respect deadlines to perfection.

Golden Ratio in Logo Design

In the studio, we implement the revolutionary concept of the Golden ratio concept. You may have heard about this concept as the golden rectangle instead

This technique is often used in disciplines such as architecture or art to perform a balanced composition, making it virtually perfect for the human eye and simultaneously creating a sense of stability in the spectator´s emotions.

For successfully perfect logo designing, it´s based on a size scale of 1.61803398875, accomplished by complex mathematics performed by geniuses like Pythagoras and Euclid.

Our new concept is one of the main reasons why we are among the best Logo designer in India and all the continent. And you will not find a more balanced price anywhere!