About the client

Coddle India stands as an Indian startup with a core commitment to delivering premium-grade, nutritionally rich products such as peanut butter, protein bars, and more. Established in the year 2022, the company's overarching objective revolves around providing cost-effective yet delectable choices that foster the advancement of a well-balanced and health-conscious way of living.


Establishing brand recognition and credibility was one of our primary motives for the brand to flourish in the Indian market. As a brand new company whose products are still in the infancy stage, they needed packaging and branding that would enable them to stand out on store shelves as well as online. Furthermore, it was crucial to have a visual representation that effectively communicated their key concepts of nutritional quality, flavor, and accessibility.

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Project Brief

As one of the best digital marketing agency, our primary goals for the branding and packaging design initiative encompassed the following points:

  • Crafting a visually captivating logo that effectively embodies the essence of superior nutrition in an engaging manner.
  • Design eye-catchy and compelling packaging solutions for both peanut butter and protein bars.
  • Communicating nutritional information, ingredient details, and unique selling propositions through intuitively comprehensible graphics and text.
  • Achieving harmony between the design concepts and the established company color palette and ensuring that the vision of accessibility and inclusion is reinforced throughout the design process.

Design Process

To discover the perfect symbolic representation for the brand personality, our brand marketing consultants began by examining concepts related to nuts, health, and energy. Concepts based on the shape of a peanut or an acorn were polished into a simple yet distinctive logo.

Minimal colors were chosen for the package, with illustrations and text strategically positioned to highlight key qualities like protein content, flavors, and so on. Functional elements such as easy open/close mechanisms were also included.

The designs of different product ranges were created and tested with customers in multiple iterations before the final designs were finalized. Following that, prototypes were created for client approval.


The clean and visually appealing logo helped Coddle India to crack the Indian markets and build an authentic brand identity. The design strikes the perfect balance between traditional and modern sensibilities which are best suited for Indian audiences.

Positive customer feedback along with our performance marketing services made sure to bring a surge in the sales of Coddle India. The new packaging and designs that we created effectively captured the eyes of customers across the country. Upon completion of the project, the client expressed great satisfaction with the results

Ultimately, the branding and packaging design along with our graphic design services were the key to establishing market credibility for Coddle India's new nutrition products. We as a creative design agency helped them stand out amid competition with a unique yet relatable customer proposition.

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