Corporate Brochures

Are you interested in advertising your company, but don`t know how to do it in a creative, aesthetic; and at the same time, simple way? There are many ways to solve this. One of our finest methods is the use of Corporate Brochures.

But,what are Corporate Brochures?

If you ever walked on the halls of a successful company you surely noticed these tiny sheets of paper that promotes the company services, it`s history, and their public image.

It is often used to advertise a potentially client about your enterprise, without the use of employees who will individually speak to every person wandering around your waiting area. Instead, the brochure can easily atract the attention of a costumer.

This represents many advantages

  • Your company gets an economic, and attractive, advertisement
  • Low cost production, since it is often recycled
  • Easy to read, since it`s a microlecture
  • Creates an attractive public image of your enterprise.
  • The inclusion of images makes it relatable and attracts the attention to the people to read it.

In NjGraphica, we believe that this tool may be extremely usefull for you. Our graphic designers are working every day in the investment of our clients public image, and we are very familiarized with the nature of Corporate brochures.

Our Work

step by step make incridible

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single page

The single page makes it simple and clean; agile and quick in the lecture, wich takes rarely more than 20 seconds. When you want to keep it short.

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multi fold

One fold. Two Fold, three fold, depending on the length your require, it can contain a variety of information. Ideal for short-term proyects.

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The booklet is a choice for those who want to exprees a wide and full amount of information, like, for example, your company´s history.