Top 10 Email Marketing Flows for Maximum Reach & Sales

Posted on Mar 11, 2024

With today's rapidly growing businesses, it makes it hard to keep up with friends and follow up with customers. It has become a very new habit to bring out very creative ideas to interact with your target audience and customers and there are a lot of businesses that are constantly looking for something new. Well, the love towards being formal has been in existence for years now, it is time now to bring together creativity along with class to make your business more engaging and attract more audience.

Marketing has been a top page in every business’s playbook for years now and the trends towards this have changed over the years significantly. While initially, marketing was just a way to make people buy your products and explain their benefits to them, it is much more than that now. Especially after the advent of brand strategy development agencies like NJ Graphica, the digital marketing sector is booming.

Marketing is a way of connecting your brand or business with your audience and aligning your goals with them to make them understand the need for your products through a very engaging and creative process. The growth of the field has led to a lot of benefits to a lot of people and different avenues have opened up in the same way.

With the increased love for digital marketing and online shopping, any company needs to have a strong game that is going to bring people in from all of these different modes. This article will serve as a guide for you to pick one of the best methods an idea is on how to connect with your audience.

Yes, there are a lot of ways to interact with people like sending them direct messages, WhatsApp, or even calling them once in a while and asking about their preferences. But the oldest method and the best method to market your brand would be e-mail marketing since it is both professional and also can include a lot of insights about the brand which is going to make you look very professional and stay in their psychometric forever.

We will further include a list of the 10 most interesting and engaging e-mail marketing prompts or ideas that you can inculcate while sending your weekly emails or reaching out to your audience while standing apart from the crowd

Top Marketing Flows for Maximum Reach & Sales

  1. Welcome sequence

Since it is the first time the brand is interacting with the customer after that sign-up or log-in, this is essentially the foundation flow that you can use to connect with them and show them that you care.

Sending them a welcome message carried along with the products and services that you offer might have a better impact on them than you think. It firstly will make them more welcomed into the atmosphere of the brand and also help them understand what you do and how they can benefit from it.

The welcome sequence can include the initial welcome message, an e-mail regarding that profile activation and products and services, offers and coupons for the first-time user, and a lot more. This sequence will form the foundation of a brand marketing strategy 

  1. Cart Abandonment Flow

This is the type of audience who generally might have found the brand during a sale and might have been interested in one or more products but soon they seemed to abandon the cart and not make the purchase.

It is essential to understand the reason for this and follow up relatively. This might be sending them offers and coupons related to the products in their cart, or maybe a feedback query as well.

When you keep sending them offers and deals, it might also be that they forgot to make the purchase and this might help you generate revenue by making these people get the products and reminding them.

Keep in mind that the card abandonment floor has to be creative and also interactive with the customer so they don't feel forced and feel Excited about the cart.

  1. Birthday/ Personalised Mail Flow

There are a lot of things that AI-generated content can do but sending personalized emails should be a little bit more like a family mail that will make them feel happy.

Sending a personalized e-mail flow will include emails about the products that they are looking for and the current offers, the coupon codes, and the deals if you’re launching a new product in the line that they’re looking for, it could also be the benefits and the ingredients of this product and how they can benefit from it.

Sending birthday emails and freebies along with purchases during birthday months will increase your customer relationship and also will make them repeat customers. Using brand strategy development ideas will help us make things better.

So make sure that your birthday and personalized e-mail flow I just always entertaining and will also educate the consumer about the things that you offer.

  1. Post Purchase Flow.

This might be one of the most essential kinds of emails that a brand might send, the post-purchase floor. Most brands are not known to be interacting more with consumers who have already purchased the product instead pushing something else towards them, this will define our performance marketing.

So having a good customer relationship and speaking to them post-purchase about some products might make the relationship better. You can also send them emails about the Return window, offers and deals, coupon codes for purchases in the next 15 days, and a lot more.

Following up with the client after they've purchased something will show the brand's connection with them which is the foundation factor of whether they will be a repeat customer or not. So understanding their queries and feedback might shortly help us make betterments in our products and packaging, along with gaining more loyal customers.

  1. Back In Stock Flow

If a product has gone out of stock, it means that the audience loved it more than you expected them to. So the product coming back in stock might essentially create the same kind of love towards the product unless and until it is not marketed well.

 So it is important to look after everybody who searched for the product when it was out of stock and send them emails regarding the product if there are any changes in packaging and offers regarding its arrival.

There is a chance that most of these people were interested during it because of the high response received, or through social media trends, so reawakening the product has to be done through creating awareness about its arrival to the customers.

The back-in-stock flow might contain emails about the product coming back in stock, do not miss it again, grab it before it's gone emails, offers on this trending product, and a lot more.

  1. Thank You Email Flows

While this is not a very essential flow, this helps set the right time with the customer. After they’ve corresponded with you or used the services of a brand, it is a courtesy to thank them for their time and interest in the brand.

Even if it is a small query, this mail flow will go a long way. It can be related to their query and the services in favor of that.

  1. Transaction Emails

Emails that are going to educate your consumers about the purchase that they’ve just made it's very essential for them to understand the processing that is going on in the back end. 

Sending them an e-mail when the transaction has been initiated and when it has been completed makes them understand that the brand has received it.

Along with that emails related to the product being packed and shipped and its current delivery status might highly interest them and the trackers are usually very useful. Our performance marketing agency, NJ Graphica will benefit you. 

 If there is also a mystery e-mail about the product, the delivery status, and a freebie inside, 

The consumer is surely going to be more excited about it and this might bring you new customers influence them or make the customer loyal. Delivery e-mail after the product has been delivered is also important to let them know that the process has been completed.

  1. Feedback Flow

A brand that focuses on how consumers are feeling about the product is most of the time interested in the betterment of it and is looking for suggestions. After a purchase, sending emails regarding the feedback or rating of the product might make your consumers understand that you are interested in knowing how they feel.

Consumers usually Rate products and send feedback to the brand when asked repeatedly or sent through easy-access e-mail. there are some emails where the rating of five stars is already given and all the consumer has to do is just click on the number of stars they want to select and this is a very easy way of making them reply to what you want.

 Thus, the feedback flow might contain the initial feedback e-mail, a 5% discount by answering these questions kind of e-mail, an orientation mail to understand their view, and a lot more. A performance marketing agency will surely help you quantify these results.

  1. Product Launch Email Flow

A product launch is something that a brand would always want to be marketed to the highest extent possible. this might include social media endorsements, influencers, and other people and modes.

Brands also tend to send emails to existing customers about the new products that they've launched, offers and deals currently, product details and how it is in high demand currently, and other emails that might make people check out the product and buy it.

  1. Educating Flow

It is always essential to make your consumers understand the business that you are in before asking them to do anything else or check out your product. when they know what the brand is trying to offer and the kind of products that are in sale, it will help them make more educated decisions related to the brand.

A lot of brands were not set to sell products but sell services, and the consumer needs to understand what the brand is offering and how it might be well suited for their needs. Brand marketing is highly essential during this along with creating awareness. 

This educating flow might come in handy to gain more customers who just signed up and lead them to use your services to make their business better.

The educating flow usually contains a welcome e-mail followed by an e-mail about the services offered by the brand and how the consumers can benefit from it. they can also send emails about the newly launched products and services that are at a discount right now and how they can benefit the business.


In conclusion, brands using email flows will help them generate revenue while not even trying to follow up every day but by just reminding their customers. 

This automated email flow will help them make money while sleeping and consulting digital marketing agencies will surely help you increase your brand reach. So, pick some of the email flows that suit your needs and watch the magic unfold. For more details of help, do check out NJ Graphica, for digital marketing assistance.  NJ Graphica can help you set up automated email campaigns that are designed to reach your target audience with the right message at the right time. They can also help you track the results of your email marketing campaigns, so you can measure their effectiveness and adjust them as needed.

 With their help, you can leverage the power of email automation to grow your business.

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