What's the Best Time To Post On Instagram In 2024

Posted on Jan 30, 2024

Having a consistent posting routine on social media plays a major factor. In the engagement that you are receiving. The algorithm of Instagram is not very easily understandable. Every brand has its own time to post and most of them have already found it. It will make your job easier if you are considering hiring a creative advertising agency.

If you are in the process of finding it the following information might help you.

Let us start with what not to do because that is something that we always frequently do and you did not know till now that it was not supposed to be done that way, posting on weekends is a big no. Especially on Sundays, people are usually very sleepy in the mornings and they do not usually tend to check their phones or even the matter of evenings of Saturdays.

 So please try not to put your posts on the weekends like the evening of Saturdays or the earlier part of Sunday since most of the population is just waking up and trying to have a calm nice day. do not continue posting afternoon until the worker ends by 5:00 or 6:00. On weekdays since most of the population that you’re trying to target are busy working in offices and do not have time to check their phones for social media updates.

Now let’s speak about what should be prioritized. Posting sometimes in the morning is very beneficial because the average customer or an average social media user wakes up and checks their phone every single day.

Since people prefer checking their phones in the morning that is when you get the highest engagement since they wake up sometimes a little early or have a few minutes left on their hands, they tend to scroll on their feeds and thus end up knowing about your post.

Anytime between the mornings of Saturdays and the late evenings of Sundays is also sometimes desirable. Depending upon the weekend and around the holiday season keeping in mind the kind of audience.

The best time to post on Mondays would be from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM since it is sometime around lunchtime and since it’s the first day of the week back in office employees are usually trying to go back into a relaxation mode and end up checking their phones.

 If you’re speaking about Tuesday, then the best time to post would be between 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM because an average user always wakes up to check their phones or through their commute and this means you're getting your engagement during that time.

 An analysis of different posts told us that posting between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Wednesdays is a good thing or anytime between the mornings or evenings after work is done since people are trying to unwind in the middle of the week.

 Just like Monday, posting any time between 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Thursdays seems like a wonderful thing to do since your audience is getting ready for the weekend and thus ends up scrolling on social media anytime right before the lunch break or a while before that and planning for the week ahead and also might make some purchases.

 On Fridays, an average social media user might check their phones late in the afternoon most of the time. since they're waiting for the end of the week and are not interested in working for the next few hours they might start opening up their phones and slightly looking at the posts that are on there so the afternoons between 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM on a Friday it might be your best friend.

 But refrain from posting anywhere after 6:00 PM on a Friday since it’s a weekend night or since the weekend is approaching all of your audience will be busy unwinding and relaxing away and will not be out there checking out for social media posts most of the time.

On a Saturday I think posting early in the morning around 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM is acceptable since people are just waking up and are looking for information or just sitting in bed and scrolling on Instagram. Saturday afternoons or evenings are not good as well since people have planned lunches or evening parties that are attending on the weekend so posting on the evenings of Saturdays is sometimes a big no.

Posting after 6:00 PM on Sundays might be the best thing to do since everybody is back home and preparing for the next day back at the office they might be sitting at home and checking their social media to be updated.


Social media is surely A tricky business but if you know your way around it it is a cakewalk. for anybody who is trying to grow their business or become an influencer on social media the steps told above might come in handy and you must always remember to put out your most confident self on social media to gain followers and become a well-known person. On the platform.

 We have listed some of the best times to post on Instagram according to what we understood and this might surely come in handy since we have understood the timetable of an average user of the application and what might benefit you through these posting times. Reach out to us at NJ Graphica, the best creative advertising agency. We are one of the top players in the digital arena and will help your Instagram sore to the maximum.

To sum it all up, social media does have a lot of advantages and it has its disadvantages as well. When kept at bay none of these are going to affect you but when indulgence takes over there is a problem. Let's first prioritize our mindsets our work culture and also mental health properly so that we do not suffer from such consequences anytime. Making out times and planning out your post do not help but that does not mean that everything is going wrong.

While Instagram is a free application, the way you choose to use it will make or break it so keep everything in mind before working on anything hastily. We hope the above list of the best times to post on Instagram will serve as a reference for you and the post that you're about to put on the platform while thinking about the reads that it is going to bring you.


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