About the client

Topit is a Fin-Tech startup with the mission to build a new financial system for the African continent. The company aims to initiate and stabilize financial connections among Africans. Using the platform's blockchain technology, African entrepreneurs and businesses can purchase and sell cryptocurrency with ease thanks to its easy-to-use financial services.

Technology stack

Back end Framework


Front-end Framework



Back end Framework

Front-end Framework




Project Brief

The Topit team is on a mission to craft a contemporary cryptocurrency exchange platform, one that seamlessly blends simplicity and sophistication.

  • Make it simple to buy major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.
  • Allow consumers to withdraw funds and deposit them to their local bank accounts in numerous African currencies.
  • Ensure that the funds and data of users are protected by high-level security measures.
  • Provide non-crypto native users with a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that is easy to use.

Style Guide







Key Features
1. User registration and login system

Topit provides a seamless process for individuals and businesses in Africa to create accounts and log in to their platform securely, enabling them to access their financial services and manage their cryptocurrency transactions.

2. Cryptocurrency wallet management

The platform allows users to create and manage their cryptocurrency wallets, providing a secure and user-friendly interface to store, send, and receive various cryptocurrencies, fostering easy access and control over their digital assets.

3. Secure deposits and withdrawals

Topit ensures the safety of users' funds by implementing robust security measures for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies, protecting against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

4. Automated exchange processes

The platform offers automated and efficient cryptocurrency exchange processes, enabling users to convert their digital assets from one cryptocurrency to another seamlessly, thus enhancing liquidity and ease of use within the ecosystem.

5. API integration with payment processors and banks

Topit facilitates integration with external payment processors and banks through its API, making it easier for users to transact between their cryptocurrency wallets and traditional banking systems, promoting broader financial connectivity across Africa.

Visual interface


As a bespoke creative advertising company, we revitalized the TopIt website to align with its unique identity and vision. With additional features and functionality, we made sure to deliver TopIt noticeable results like: An elevated brand profile by providing quality UI UX design services, Exponential growth in initial user acquisition, Positive responses regarding the intuitiveness of our user interface and the robustness of our security protocols through custom website design services, Successfully launching TopIt’s IPO (initial product offerings)

With the TopIt exchange website, the company will continue to revolutionize digital assets for Africans. TopIt has the potential to become a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space on the continent based on its design, development, and preliminary results.

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