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About the client

SKOOC is a Canadian startup founded in 2019. Since its establishment, they have been working towards a meaningful mission: providing affordable and accessible online counseling for children, teens, and their parents. SKOOC aims to make mental health support easier, especially in underserved communities.


SKOOC wanted to increase awareness of their service and invite more parents to seek professional support for their children. However, they were concerned about using images of actual children in their marketing materials, for privacy and sensitivity reasons. They turned to our digital branding agency for help with developing a creative concept for their campaign, without running into serious problems.

The Solution

Our brand marketing consultants recommended illustrating the issues faced by children today, like obesity, anxiety, and depression. A creative tweak was made by using characters like pandas, potatoes, and balloons instead of actual children. This would propagate the message in a socially acceptable and lighthearted way while avoiding any privacy concerns.

Our creative website agency designed a set of posters and social media graphics portraying panda bears stuck inside during lockdown, anxious potatoes unable to sleep, and sad balloons struggling with self-esteem and confidence. The illustrations struck an emotional chord while highlighting common childhood issues without targeting the children directly.

The branding was focused on SKOOC's mission - "mental well-being for kids and families” - and the idea that talking to a professional counselor can help children and parents overcome challenges sustainably.


The campaign was open-heartedly welcomed by SKOOC's clients and the general public for its heightened creativity and no sensitivity. Some parents claimed that the non-human illustrations resonated strongly with their own children's experiences, helping them initiate important family discussions.

The combination of memorable images and a clear brand message effectively raised awareness of SKOOC's services, promoting fresh sign-ups and word-of-mouth referrals that drove organic growth for the startup. SKOOC continues to use the revolutionizing "animal" concept in its marketing today.

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