About the client

Mayank Chawla is a renowned fashion designer, revered for his innovative and cutting-edge design solutions. With a strong portfolio of artistic and successful projects and a growing reputation in the industry, Mayank Chawla decided to amplify his brand identity through a new logo design. 

The goal was to design a logo that reflects Mayank Chawla's distinct style and professionalism, while also connecting with the people he wants to work with, such as clients and collaborators.  


The challenge faced by our creative design agency while designing Mayank Chawla's logo was capturing his unique design philosophy, poise, and elegance in a single visual element. The logo needed to balance creativity, sophistication, and simplicity while conveying skillfulness and expertise. It had to be adaptable across all mediums like digital and print.

Research and Discovery

Our digital branding company analyzed a majority of Mayank Chawla’s previous projects. This enabled them to comprehend his design techniques and filter the target audience. The team also conducted interviews with him to gain insights into his vision and personality, and also identify the core values and attributes that defined his art. This process gave valuable data that would help the team in the subsequent processes.

Conceptual Designs

After the research, our brand marketing consultants conducted an exhaustive brainstorming session to come up with various logo ideas and drafts. Their objective was to come up with a logo that could embody Mayank Chawla’s flair. The ideal logo would symbolize his gracefulness and professionalism.

Style Guide






The Story Behind It

The horse is a universal symbol of freedom, power and fearlessness without restraint, because riding a horse made people feel they could free themselves from their own bindings and wearing Mayank Chawla brand clothing, they can have the same feel of freedom and fearlessness.

Also horse is a symbol of travel, movement and desire, so it is connecting with the models walking on the ramp with desires to do big in life. The horse's sleek and fluid design reflects the dedication to creating visually striking and captivating designs.

The sharp abstract elements around the horse represent flamboyance and gives a 3d look to the logo representing brand stands out more. Mayank Chawla will not speak as a brand, it will speak as an emotion.

An Emblematic Showcase


The influence of the logo was extraordinary. It was prominently featured across different mediums such as business cards, letterheads, and social media profiles. Mayank Chawla's brand experienced a tremendous surge in popularity after incorporating the redesigned logo into its day-to-day business.

The logo became a representation of his expertise and professionalism, attracting potential clients and admirers. The distinct design and impactful visual identity set him apart from his rivals, solidifying his standing as a prominent figure in his field.

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