About the client

CatKing is an education platform based in Mumbai. It helps interested candidates on their journey through CAT (Common Admission Test). CatKing has a collection of comprehensive study materials, personal mentors, and tutors. Above all, they provide the best guidance to aspiring CAT candidates.  

With experienced mentors and industry professionals, CatKing aims to invigorate skills like critical thinking and problem-solving skills among their candidates. Their methodology involves online lectures, practice tests, cheat sheets, and interactive sessions with expert faculties.

CatKing is a trusted platform with reliable resources for CAT aspirants, empowering them to dream big and secure admission to prestigious business schools across the nation!

Technology stack

Back end Framework


Front-end Framework



Back end Framework

Front-end Framework




Style Guide






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Project Brief

As one of the leading web design companies, we were entrusted with the task of redesigning the entire interface and portal of the existing CATKing website to enhance the user experience. With our custom web development services, the website’s interface was made much more intuitive and easy to use for visitors. Our development experts gave their best efforts to eliminate some significant problems like poor user experience and usability.

  • Upgrade the layout, structure, and design of the website.
  • Incorporate a single sign-up system across the three websites to streamline the login process and eliminate separate registration for each website to save time.
  • Develop a seamless and efficient profile evaluator tool for the CatKing team to manage user profiles and access student details.
  • Build a digital e-commerce LMS platform specifically designed for purchasing courses.
  • Enhance the UI UX Design and aesthetics for a visually appealing platform.
  • Optimize the user experience for easy navigation and access to desired content.

Our Process

Firstly, we created wireframes for planning and visualizing the website structure and orientation of various elements.
Using Figma, we developed a captivating UI UX design for the website.
3.UI Development
We implemented front-end development using Vue.js, a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces.
4.Backend Development
For the back-end functionality, we utilized Laravel, a PHP framework known for its robustness and scalability.
We established connectivity between the front-end and back-end to enable data exchange and interaction.

Execution Plan

The project was undertaken in multiple phases

Phase 1

An exclusive user profile platform, allowing users to easily create and manage their profile, access course details, enroll in courses, and update personal information.

Robust and secure registration and login functionality for a personalized experience on the website.

Dashboard Analytics for data visualization and insights. Using the best technologies to display statistics and results.

Phase 2

Created an efficient e-commerce platform for effortless purchasing of offline courses. The following key features were incorporated into the website:

User-friendly browsing and selection of desired courses.

Detailed presentation of course details, including curriculum and faculty information.

Centralized user dashboard for easy access to profiles, purchased courses, and related materials.

Showcasing the diverse courses offered by CATKing.

Phase 3

Created an interactive simulator for mock tests of CAT, offering practice tests and assessments to help users gauge their performance and improve their performance.

College browsing tool that allows users to find and explore various colleges as per their national ranks.

Custom drag and drop builder for easy webpage design.

MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) tool for assessments and quizzes.

Transferred blogs from WordPress to Laravel for enhanced content management and performance.


From Clutter to Clarity

Drag to check the Before and After website layout →


Our creative web design team refurbished the website based on the requirements of the client and following the latest design trends. The final website was at par with the client’s expectations.

Our tailored web development services brought a positive change to the CATKing website. The redesign led to a notable enhancement in how users interacted with the site, leading to more active involvement and better results in terms of user actions. Our proficiency in web development, design, and creative problem-solving played a key role in achieving the project's goals, resulting in an impressive and easy-to-use platform for CAT exam candidates.  

The user-friendly design and intuitive interface made it simple for visitors to find information about courses, leading to increased interaction and a higher number of inquiries. As a result, the percentage of enrolled students shot up significantly.

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