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About the client

Candy Ville is an online wholesale Candy store in Toronto, Canada. They have been offering a variety of American and British mouth-watering candies and sweets for over three decades. Candy Ville has built an incredible reputation through its high-quality products, delightful flavors, and pocket-friendly prices.


The primary challenge faced by Candy Ville is to increase its sales and escalate its brand value in a crowded marketplace. It was necessary for the brand to reach a deeper level of audience engagement, increase visibility online, and convert casual website visitors into loyal customers. Additionally, Candy Ville desired some professional SEO services to boost its online sales and outperform competitors.


Candy Ville's website was redesigned from scratch by our digital branding agency. We developed an elaborate digital marketing campaign for the brand. As a part of our campaign, we outlined the following primary goals :

  • Increasing sales by attracting and retaining maximum customers to the website, increasing footfall and sales in physical stores.
  • Providing performance marketing solutions by spreading awareness among the target audience as well as reaching out to new customers.
  • Maximize return on investment (ROI) through PPC performance marketing.
  • As a digital marketing agency, one of our major goals was to improve customer engagement and retention ratio by providing enhanced user experience with the help of a seasoned customer-care team.

Holistic Marketing Solutions

We implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to turn things around. The following steps were taken.

1. Crafting an Online Presence

We built a brand new website for Candy Ville from scratch, focusing on the UI UX design and the written content. The website aims to engage with the user through a friendly interface so that binge surfers can turn into returning customers.

2. Technical SEO Services

We provided the best technical SEO services and optimized the website’s structure, content, and meta tags. This step enabled the website to compete among leaders in the online space. We conducted comprehensive keyword research to determine a specific target audience, and we then updated the content to target the determined segment of the audience.

3. Paid Google Ads

As a Digital ADs agency, we created targeted AD campaigns; with carefully selected keywords, demographics, and AD placements. This step increased brand awareness and generated quality traffic.

4. Email Marketing

We implemented effective email marketing with personalized and visually appealing templates. Candy Ville’s products, exclusive offers, and promotions were strategically represented to invoke feelings of craving and desire among viewers.

5. Cross-Platform Promotion

Leveraging social media, we collaborated with influencers and created engaging content to promote and stabilize the brand's presence.

SEO Impact: Before vs After

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Google Ads

Generated Over $100K+ in Revenue for Candy Ville with Google Ads

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Candy Ville's sales and brand value increased exponentially as a result of our e-commerce SEO services along with comprehensive performance and marketing solutions. Sales reportedly grew from $15,246.76 in January 2021 to $126,739.03 in January 2023, representing a remarkable growth of 106.5%.

Additionally, impressive growth was seen in the organic traffic, with the growth rate being 174.03%. Through our unwavering efforts, we were able to bring about an elegant transformation in Candy Ville's business, setting the foundation for perpetual growth and prosperity.

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