The UI/UX design company you´ll want to contract for your interface is the one that can offer you the best service possible.

As you know, an interface is an essential aspect to cover in a digital domain. It works as an intermediary between the public and your web-page or app. This includes buttons, menus shortcuts keybindings, lights, checkboxes, comment section.

Designing one of those on your own may prove to be a titanic task, and contracting a special designer a bit of expensive. Luckily for you, we are the UI/UX design company you were just looking for!

Quite,but not the same

Although often confused, Ui and Ux are different concepts. To put it shortly: UI Stands for “User Interface” as it´s the part of a program that let´s the user send and order to the software, to manipulate it.

From the sidebars and checkboxes to search bars and loaders, everything that takes part in a user taking action on a software is considered UI.

As you can see above in our web-page, above there are many tags that redirects you to a variety of other services, Codelgnitor, Corporate ppt´s, Php, SEO, Wordpress, among others. Then you have our contact page, where you can submit your requests or doubts.

Everything in a UI design is intended to make it easier for anyone to access a service.

In the other hand, UX is an abbreviation of “User Experience”. It´s a concept to determinate the summary of an individual experience for this specific interface.

Let´s say you are searching for a hotel in the internet. You are looking for the best hotel at the best price. But you cannot find something specific you were looking for a hotel near a shopping centre but there´s not an option to search that particular aspect and it frustrates you. UI is perfectly working in his purpose, but you did not get a satisfactory User Experience.

Any professional UI/UX design company knows perfectly how to manage these both aspects and exploit them to the best level possible

We do it NjGraphica's way

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Requirement Analysis

Gathering is essential when coming out with a new project. And this UI/UX design company takes it seriously when getting data together. We start over with a brief analysis on what we have on the table.

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Wire framing User Experience

Before taking any step further, we need to think every aspect possible of your client´s possible demands. So we take a rigorous investigation of any possible inconvenient or improve we can afford.

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Designing the final product

NjGraphica is a wise knower of all possible programming tool: PHP, HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, and any possible language to develop an according Ui for your needs.

Why Ui creates a difference

UI development it´s a high cost. We know. Although, you may not know this, but two of the most powerful corporations in the entire world owns their success to UI design. You know these very well: Google and Apple.

Each one reinvented the whole definition of UI and made the world reach an informative era. So you should keep this in mind when consider in which UI/UX design company you wanna invest your money in

NjGraphica is highly familiarized with programs like Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Figma. Each member of our staff spend hours sharpening their skills in these software.

As for Ux design, we make use of the useful Balsmiq, and combined with the previous mentioned makes us perfectly fit to make adequate interfaces for all types of needs.

You can see in our Portfolio section the examples of our greatest projects made in the years of service of our team. Contact us so we can start working in your great next interface!