Social Media Posts

Social Media Graphic design, at a large scale, is profitable, if not essential, improvement for your company. It is no secret that a social media campaign has proven to be one of the most successful ways to gain public and therefore, sales.

But what explains this phenomenon? To the simple fact that most of the people spend more than 60% of their time wandering around social media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, and a large etc.

Social media paid campaigns is one of the faces of the coin when searching a boost in clients (or followers), but it is sometimes even more important to have a good Social Media Graphic design at your company´s feed.

Do I have to go through an update of myPosts

It is a reality that more than half of the clientele of a corporation finally decides to go through a company by social media. Updating your content related to your company in your social media account results in increasing sales by 60%, you can also ask for Online Reputation Management service to see how to grow your company through social media.

In this new era of information, not having a social media version of your digital marketing is considered by many an easy and quick way to simply disappear from the market

The Big ones know it

Do you know how much money do companies like McDonald´s, Netflix, Disney, Google or Apple invests in Social Media graphic design? Millions of dollars every day! This is because they know the implications that bring updating your posts: Publicity, public image, letting the people know your newsletter. Etc.

The presence of Instagram in our daily lives has open a unique opportunity for these corporate monsters to establish their domain once more in our lives. And with the “influencer” concept this has been taken to the maximum, making it necessary to make your way through this digital campaign.


5 Reasons

you should contract NjGraphica

Excellent team
With the use of a graphic design company as we are, your social media posts will look not only gorgeous, but they will leave your mark in all of the internet.
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We are an SEO friendly team that knows the market for many years, being witnesses of all of its changes and how to keep you always well positioned.
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As one of the most significant Social Media graphic design providers, we are proud of being known for our punctuality in every contract.
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Our staff is composed mainly of young but still experienced people that manipulate the concept of the media in ways that only the born with this technology in hand would understand
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If you thought Social Media graphic design sounded cheap to you, I´m afraid to tell you the truth. It simply is not. But NjGraphica is an accessible company that also gives the best service in the market.