Poster/Banner Design

Banner design company. It´s not easy to choose one these days. Everyone knows that printing a Poster or a banner is as useful for advertising as Logo designing or Brochure is. But this banner will be the emblem that awaits in the entrance and let them know they are in good hands.

The problem is, a good Banner design company is hard to find these days. Just as a Packaging design or a Social media creative, it´s not a simple task to accomplish and many don´t meet the requirements to satisfy our tastes. In NjGraphica, we offer a brand new vision and a product you can rely on.

About Poster/Banner Design

Walking across the street usually takes you to see a lot of posters, most commonly about premiere movies, new products, or brands´ advertising. They are all-present advertising that attracts hundreds of new customers every day to the ad target.

But this is just one manifestation of the ways a banner can be shown. It can be placed on the front door of your building, high in a corner where it´s easier to find, even in a window or a column in the inside of your building

For digital purposes, they also come for web-pages frontal. The use of a poster connects your brand to your new client immediately after entering your website for the first time they decide to access your digital domain. They´ll make themselves an idea of what kind of company are you and the kind of services you offer.

Now, if you want to go ahead with a banner for your website, you´ll need the assistance of a remarkable Banner design company.


A quick visual approach of your company makes you out-stand in a world where it is difficult, if not impossible make yourself a successful business without publicity. Every known company worldwide has its unique poster that takes them part from their competence, thanks to their Banner design company.

Difference between print and digital design

Besides the obvious format, the print version allows us to physically place them in weather our client target must notice it (frontal or inside the building, a poster out in the streets) and the digital can be placed in the frontal of our web-page.

The cost is also to be considered. The printed version requires more budget doe to the printing, raw material, etc. The digital version pretty much only requires Photoshop editing and HTML services.

Why Us
  • Bespoke Design
    • All our clients receive a made to order service different for every necessity and adapted to the new market.
  • Responsive Design
    • The needs of an always-changing market may be hard to track. NjGraphica staff is prepared to get updated information on how to never let your product stay outdated.
  • Professional Designers
    • Our designers are a professional team who always succeeds in their individualistic and teamwork, you´ll never see a Banner design company team more dedicated.