Packaging Design

Product packaging design company is meant to picture the perfect envelope for all your merchandise. This must be according to the kind of brand you´re selling: it´s not the same package required for a woman-health-caring product as it is for a snack pack. Each type requires some different type of Illustrations or logo design.

For E-Commerce, the correct kind of envelope sends exactly the message intended for it. Each product has a different client target and they are accessed with effective use of signs and symbols, the ones that trigger facts about their current needs.

Importance of Packaging Design

Packaging Design plays a really important role in sales, raised if attractive or reduced if unpractical. The image of the product is born from the packaging design. As Product packaging Design Company we know beauty captures the mind first. Attractive packaging design elevates social media presence and directly intervenes in social media marketing of the products in a convenient manner.

Nj Graphica, as a Product Packaging design company, knows the pack is the embodiment of the product´s essence. We only deliver the best design for your products whether intended for:

  • FMCG Packaging Box design
  • Clothing Packaging design
  • Shoe Packaging Design
  • Clothing Packaging design
  • Others

We design every package design according to your business and industry requirement. We do not only picture the whole brand packaging design of your product but also in the digital marketing of your product to make your product reach to more public every day.

works process

step by step make incridible

Product briefing
Nj graphica, as a product packaging design company, we always attempt to appease our clientele by delivering a quality product. The first step is briefing our client needs, the market competence, the kind of product we are dealing with, and how can we communicate to the public in a manner that only elevates sales.
Design Requirement
Nj graphica understands how to efficiently communicate a powerful message through our designs, the next step is to meet the design requirements from the customer and creating a brand package that can make its way into the market.
Design Structuring
Now that the basic data is collected, the issue to care about is the structuring of the design. We conceptualize an a gorgeous, yet simple and practical design of the product along with creating the shocking factor which causes a big impression. Whether its t-shirt design packaging, shoe packaging etc. our designs are unique.
The diamond in the rough is finally taking shape, and it is now time for adding colours and shades. As a product packaging design company our Graphic designers understand the basic function of the colour palette and shapes the design according to every possible aspect to make it look pretty and interesting.
Design reviewing
Our politic in NjGrapchica stands for: No client is left unsatisfied. With an almost completed version of the package, we arrange a final meeting with the customer to let them admire the advances and if it pleases, we launch the final product.
Why Us
  • Design out of world
    • What makes NjGraphica different, is our mastery in our “design out of the world” concept that has not been dominated by any other product packaging design company. This particular style takes aesthetic to another level, with a balanced domain of lights, shades, and basic forms
  • Delivering Satisfaction
    • As we mentioned before, our clients´ satisfaction is our top priority. We do not take chances. We do not hesitate. We make good products.
  • Timely Delivery
    • Deadlines may actually mean death for us because we never transgressed one. Time is never wasted in NjGraphica and we always complete tasks in time.